Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Easter :)

With Easter on its way, this week has been fun and crazy! I have so many exciting Easter activities to share! We have used plastic Easter eggs, with letters and word parts written on each half, to connect and sound-out words! We used plastic Easter eggs and regular egg cartons to match sight words:) After we read "Hopper's Surprise", the kids *loved* using the Smart Board to design their very own Easter egg. We read "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" and discussed characters. The students used foam pieces to dress their own bunny and wrote a story with their bunny as the main character! :) We even read "Happy Easter" and wrote in our journals about where we would hide Easter eggs if we were an Easter bunny. Their writings were very creative!

And of course we connected our Easter theme to our math graphing unit! Each student went on an Easter egg hunt within the classroom. Their mission was to find the egg with their name on it. When they did, they were to go to their seats and explore what was inside their egg. They soon found that each egg had different colored jelly beans :) They used an "Eggcelent Egg- Hunting" graph and graphed the jelly beans by color. They loved this because they got to eat their jelly beans when they were finished :) Thats not all! We dyed hard-boiled eggs and then ate them, went on an Easter egg hunt outside, created our own bunny milk jug Easter baskets, and enjoyed our treats from the Easter bunny on Friday! What a wonderful week! You can click on "View All Images" on the slide show to see the pictures better. Some other books we read and loved were: "The Runaway Bunny", "The Night Before Easter", "Corduroy's Easter Party", and "Easter Ribbit"!

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