Class Information

Classroom Rules

1. Treat others the way you want to be treated (The Golden Rule)!

2. Listen with your eyes and ears.

3. Follow directions.

4. Work quietly.

5. Try your best!

Classroom Management

I will take specific steps when it comes to discipline. Students will receive a fair amount of warnings when misbehavior occurs. After warnings, students will be asked to turn in a cube. Students will begin each day with 4 cubes. You will be notified of how many cubes your child has left each day by means of the behavior calendar inside his/her folder.

3-4 cubes left – Great/Good day :)

2 cubes left - Okay day

1-0 cubes left- Not a good day

Students will get a sticker for each “good” day that they have. If they collect at least 4 stickers during the week, then they will visit the treasure chest on Friday! If your child ends up with zero cubes for the day, I will send a note home. Other consequences may include missing some recess time, time out to think, writing a note of apology, etc. *If misbehavior becomes a regular obstacle, I will contact you to discuss how we might work together to better the situation :)
•Words of praise

•Notes/phone calls home


•Treasure box incentives

•Edible Treats


The curriculum will be based on the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS). The GPS require children to be actively engaged in their learning across all content areas. Your child will be tested according to the kindergarten Georgia Performance Standards.

"Boomerang" Folder

Your child will be given a boomerang (take-home) folder. This folder will be used as a means of communication between home and school. Anything I send home (notes, flyers, class work, homework, behavior calendars, etc.) will be put in this folder. Please check this folder daily. Please place lunch money and notes inside the zipper pouch in your child's folder.

Your child’s daily homework will be placed in his/her boomerang folder. Please make sure your child is completing his/her homework.

Secret Sacks- A secret sack will be due each week.

S.T.A.R Reading Logs- A completed reading log will be due each month. Research shows that reading together enhances your child's reading development!