Monday, April 19, 2010

All About Plants!

Our new science unit is Plants! We discussed plants and seeds and what plants need to survive. We discussed how plants are living things because they grow, eat, drink, and have babies! After we learned that seeds and plants need water, air, soil, and sunlight to grow, we thought we were ready to grow our own plants. Today we took soaked lima beans (our seeds) and placed them in zip loc baggies with a damp paper towel. We left the zip loc bags slightly open to allow air to get in. We talked about how the paper towel is acting as our soil :) Then, we taped the baggies in the window to give the seeds sunlight. Here is a video of Reggie talking about his seed project! I will post updates on our lima beans :) Soon, we will be visiting the outdoor classroom to plant more seeds! Check back to see pictures!

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