Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We can build letters! :)

We have been using wooden pieces to build letters. The students have so much fun using these "lines" and "curves" to create letters. We build them and then talk about the letter name and letter sound. Learning can be so much fun! :)

Morning Math :)

Every morning we review important math concepts using the Smart Board. The kids love using the Smart Board to learn about patterns, shapes, counting, numbers, money, the days of the week, the months of the year, the four seasons, etc.! Please continue work with your child at home on these concepts.


Eva and Heaven came to school dressed alike last week(by accident ofcourse)! But we couldn't help but notice that they looked like cute little twins :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Centers Make Us Smart! :)

We have so much fun learning during centers and group time! :) Some of our fun activities include: writing our letters, name, and sight words in shaving cream, writing and identifying our sight words and letters on dry-erase boards, using the Smart Board to play sight word games, creating patterns with counting bears and pattern blocks, alphabet go-fish, chalk,, etc. The kids are learning to clean up after themselves, how to use an inside voice without disturbing others,and how to work together!

September Birthdays!

Happy Birthday to our September baby!

Donta Bryant- September 16th :)

Pizza Pizza!

Everyone in our class brought back their impact aid forms the very next day! :) Parents, thank you so much for completing the form and sending it back so fast! The kids were rewarded with a pizza party! Yumm!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Today we wrote our letters in shaving cream and practiced writing letters on dry-erase alphabet mats during groups!

Pattern Mania!

We are studying patterns during math! The kids have been doing some exciting activities to practice extending and creating patterns. We have used the Smart Board, linking cubes, counting bears, stickers, and blocks to create and extend patterns! Today, we strung fruit loop pattern necklaces! It was so much fun! :)


We have a new student! Welcome Jennica Jones! :)

Saying Our Goodbye's

We are sad that we already have to tell 3 students goodbye so early in the year:( We will miss them so much! Goodbye Jesslynn, Gage, and Jace!