Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A visit from the leprechaun!! :)

It was a very exciting St. Patrick's Day at school!! A leprechaun, named Lucky, visited our classroom :) When the kids came in, they found that the leprechaun had messed up the room, written them a message on the chalk board, dropped some gold, and left his green prints!! The message said, "If you do what is right, you will get a nice delight". We figured that the leprechaun would give us treats if he saw we were being good students :) During our reading lesson, I was flipping through our chart paper and discovered ANOTHER message from the leprechaun! The leprechaun wrote, "Oh no! I feel so blue. I can not find my teeny tiny shoe. HELP ME"! So, of course we went on a hunt to find Lucky's missing shoe! The kids really enjoyed this! Hampton ended up being the lucky one to find the leprechaun's shoe. After we found the shoe, we all got a chance to hold and examine the magical shoe. We discussed whether or not we should return Lucky's shoe or not. We talked about reasons we might not want to give the shoe back and we talked about reasons why we should give the shoe back. In the end, we decided to do the right thing! We decided to return Lucky's shoe to him. We also decided to collect all of his gold and return it too. We gathered it all up and set it on a stool so that when the leprechaun came agian, he would find his things! When we returned to the room from specials, we discovered that Lucky had visited again and took his shoe and gold! This time, he wrote us a thank-you note and left us some green jell-o and green punch. We were so excited! We also enjoyed all of the green treats that so many of our parents provided. It was such a fun day! Here are some pictures to show what a great day we had :) Parents, thank-you for all that you do!

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